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Learn how this Niagara Falls power plant changed the world
Thursday, Oct. 26, 7pm
Lutheran Church of the Messiah, 915 Oneida St., Lewiston, NY
Free and all are invited
For more info: 716-754-4214

If you look around the world today and see how electricity is
transmitted from one place to another — even to your own home —
you’ll discover it’s called “alternating current” (AC).
The mass production of AC started right here in Niagara Falls.  In
fact, the historic Edward Dean Adams Power Plant on Buffalo Avenue was
the first large-scale AC electric generating plant in the world, built
in 1895.
Historian Dan Davis from the Tesla at Niagara Museum will present a
PowerPoint presentation on the construction of the Edward Dean Adams
power plant — from the digging of the tunnel to the completion of Power
House Number 2.
It changed the world overnight and became an electrical marvel that
set the standard for electrical power generation and transmission.  On
November 15, 1896, Tesla’s polyphase system “lit up” Buffalo, NY.
Construction of the plant would continue, expanding Power House
Number 1 and the Transformer House and adding a second power house
until there were 20 generators producing 100,000 horsepower by 1904.
Dan is currently the Treasurer of Tesla at Niagara Museum in
Niagara Falls that honors Nikola Tesla and his role in the history of
the world’s first comprehensive long distance alternating current power
This community event is free and open to all.  Refreshments will be
served.  Come and join us and rediscover what made Niagara Falls great
in the 1800’s.


Theme: Christmastime with Fieldstone and Holly
December 2 & 3, tickets $25

The Historical Association of Lewiston is pleased to present its
13th Annual Tour of Homes on December 2 & 3, 2017.
Celebrate in style in Historic Lewiston and see the latest holiday
inspired decor.  Each home will feature Christmas tablescapes, offering
innovative holiday entertaining ideas.  You will be invited to the
beautiful Niagara Crossing Hotel for a dessert tasting reception
featuring holiday pastries from two of our award winning bakeries and a
cocktail tasting.
Just steps from these culinary treats, visit our Holiday Gift
Market featuring vendors offering unique jewelry pieces, home
accessories and delicious culinary items.  Several bonus stops have been
added to the tour to increase your enjoyment.
We’ll be bringing you updates and more details in the weeks ahead.


Lewiston Fire Co. #1 Fundraiser
Saturday, Nov. 3, 6-9pm
North 6th Street, Lewiston, NY
Tickets: $25 resale, $30 at the door
Information:  Call 716-754-4487 x211

This popular community event will feature offerings from four
Niagara Wine Trail wineries, a specially brewed craft beer from The
Brickyard Brewing Company, food pairings by JCI Catering coupled with
dessert offerings from the Village Bake Shoppe, an evening of jazz by
Lewiston Music, vendors and a silent auction with proceeds going toward
Lewiston No. 1’s enhanced medical services.
Tickets are available now at Lewiston No. 1 Fire Hall, the Chamber
of Commerce at Center & 9th Streets, and the Orange Cat Coffee Co. at
Center and 7th Streets.


Cherry Bank Cider Mill
5140 Townline Rd, Sanborn, NY
More info and reviews here:

It’s apple cider time!  Better yet, one of Lewiston’s own cider mills
has been ranked one of the top of mills in Western New York.  People are
also raving about their “awesome” apple pies and caramel apples too.
It’s on Townline Road, just south of the Pekin overpass.
One more delicious way to enjoy the season…


Freedom Crossing cams are next to get fixed

The webcams we have stationed at Tuscarora Heroes Monument have
been down for an extended period of time due to more technical issues
than we can count.
With the help of local tech guru, Lee Patterson, everything is back
up and running again.
Special thanks to Mike Hibbard at Gallo Restaurant for making it
all possible by allowing us to access his internet connections.
The cams are important for security (they record activity for the
last 2 weeks) and they enable out of town visitors to call their loved
ones and view them in Lewiston in real time.  There are also quite a few
Lewistonians who now live out of state who check in periodically to see
the what the weather is like here.
We are keeping our fingers crossed that the Freedom Crossing
webcams on the riverfront are back to working real soon.
The images update every few seconds.  You can view them here:

AND, thank you to everyone came out last Saturday to help
wash and wax the monuments.  These are some of the many volunteers
who keep Lewiston beautiful and proud!  You can see more here:


Local citizens outraged over midnight caper
You can see it here:

Lewiston citizens were furious in 1821 when they discovered their
local newspaper had been smuggled to Lockport in the middle of the
night.  It only made the heated rivalry between the two towns even worse
as each vied for the title of being chosen the county seat.
Our latest placemat examines the “midnight caper” which set the
stage for Lockport’s victory — a decision that would have permanent
Thanks to Al Frosolone and the entire Niagara Choice Credit Union
team for their ongoing sponsorship for our historical placemat series.
This is our 52nd placemat with over 1.5 million distributed since 2005.



Marble Orchard Ghost Walks, Saturdays, 7pm, in October

Nov. 3        Lewiston Fire Co. #1 Fundraiser  754-4487 x211
Nov. 4        Edmund Fitzgerald Tribute
Dec. 2-3     13th Annual Home Tour and Christmas Walk
Dec. 19      Tuscarora Heroes Remembrance

Chamber events calendar:
Artpark schedule:
Art Council schedule:
Wine Trail schedule:
NACC 2017 Event calendar:
Lew-Port School calendar:


Chamber video of Lewiston.  Nice!



Fish Creek Falls disappeared after construction of Parkway and culvert

See here:

     Before the Robert Moses Parkway (now Niagara Scenic Parkway) was

built before 1960, Lewiston had its own falls.  On the left you can see

Fish Creek falls.  Fish Creek ran through the Niagara Falls Country Club

golf course, and still does.  However, when the parkway was built, an

artificial cuivert was constructed and the falls disappeared.  On the

upper right, you can see the homes on Ft. Gray Drive.  There are a

number of caves in the area.

     This photo and descriptions were provided by Scott Ensminger from

North Tonawanda, WNYs foremost authority on local falls and caves.  You

can check out his website here:

     Scott was also interviewed by the Buffalo News here:



Incident sparks cross-border outrage

New placemat here:

     Our latest placemat focuses on the little known “Upper Canada

Rebellion” and civil unrest that engulfed Ontario in the late 1830s.  It

was a revolution of sorts, led by the Mayor of Toronto.  The rebels

wanted to establish a republic, similar to the United States.

     British troops squashed the revolt and even invaded the United

States to set fire to an American ship that was suspected of supplying

arms to the rebels. An American was killed in the attack and a suspect

was arrested at the Frontier House.  You can read all about it here:

     Thanks to Al Frosolone and the great folks at Niagara’s Choice

Federal Credit Union for their sponsorship and support for our ongoing

placemat series.



765 Cayuga Street, Lewiston, NY (behind Tin Pan Alley)

By appointment only:  Tues-Sun, 11am-9pm (Sunday till 4pm)

Admission: $20 per person (parties from 4-8 people)

For more info call: Patti Lank at 716-713-9066

     A new Lewiston business is getting rave reviews on TripAdvisor. 

Even though it has only been in operation for a few weeks, it’s quickly

rising in the ranks to become one of Lewiston’s top attractions.  One

recent patron said, “I’ve never experienced an hour that went by so


     Reality Rooms Niagara is an exciting, heart pounding, real life

gaming experience.  Whether you are climbing on board the Wizard train,

or searching for a million dollar wine bottle, you and your friends will

be hunting for clues, codes, symbols and hidden artifacts that,

hopefully, will help you and your friends solve the puzzle and escape

within an hour.

     So put on your Sherlock Holmes hat, grab your best detective

friends, and immerse yourself in a super-sleuth adventure that will

challenge your wits.  This is great for parties, team-building, or just

a fun night out.

     Congratulations and much success to Patti and Jim Lank for their

new start-up!  Patti and Jim are 23 year residents of Lewiston.

     You can see the TripAdvisor reviews here:

     You can get more information here:



Settlers grabbed silver utensils as they ran for their lives

     In 1954, Lewiston historian Helen Kimball wrote a small booklet

called, A Homely Approach to Lewiston, NY.

     In discussing the British attack on Lewiston during the War of

1812, she mentions, “Dr. Alvord, one of the village physicians was

killed but Dr. Willard Smith escaped down the Ridge and aided the Cookes

to escape.  The Spaulding family had the table all set for a meal, they

gathered everything up in a tablecloth and ran.  One of the silver

spoons included in the contents of the cloth is now in the possession of

Ralph Hotchkiss, one of the descendants.”

     Lewiston resident Bob Welch is the grandson of Ralph Hotchkiss. 

Did Bob have possession of the famous spoon?  YES!  Better yet, Bob has

allowed us to photograph it.

     To our knowledge, it is the only relic in existence from that

horrific attack.  The Tuscaroras recused dozens of local residents from

a terrible fate that day.  You can see a photo of the spoon here:

     You’ll notice it is engraved with Rufus Spaulding’s initials.

     A big thank you to Bob and Anne Welch for sharing this important

artifact from Lewiston’s most important day in history.



Saturdays in September and October, 7pm

476 Center Street, Lewiston

Tickets: $15 ($5 for children under 12)

For info call:  716-754-0166

     Bring a flashlight — it gets dark early in the grave yard!



See Niagara Falls like you’ve never seen it before — from a
small drone helicopter. This was posted in July and has been viewed
more than 1.2 million times! Click here:



Yes, we have our share of snow, but for the most part, Western New
York is immune from the kinds of natural disasters that wreak havoc with
other sections of the country.
In fact, we live in one of the safest regions — the 4th safest in
the U.S. You might interested in learning about the Top 10 Safest



It’s Lewiston’s new “good luck” keepsake — a special Lewiston coin
that will become a sought-after collectible for generations. That’s why
you’ll want to get as many of these coins as you can to give as gifts to
your family members, loved ones, and former Lewiston residents who will
treasure the artistry and the message this coin conveys.
When you combine the Native American symbolism, the engraved
inscriptions and the high-relief 3-D design, along with the topicality of
the Tuscarora Heroes and the emerging appreciation of how dozens of
Lewiston residents were saved 200 years ago, you end up with a
precious memento that underscores the timeless friendship and bond
between the Tuscaroras and Lewistonians.
Now we can all be proud owners of a coin that captures the spirit of
brotherhood and deep bond that exists between us.
ALL proceeds from the sale of the coin will go to the Tuscarora Heroes
Monument project which will culminate in a spectacular unveiling on the evening of December 19, 2013 — 200 years to the day when a small band of Tuscarora men bravely halted the British attack on Lewiston and enabled dozens of Lewiston citizens to escape.
You can see the coin and get more details here:

Still don’t know much about how the Tuscaroras saved us? It’s time
you learned the whole story. You can get the Tuscarora Heroes book at
DiCamillo’s in Lewiston, the Lewiston Museum, or the Book Corner in
Niagara Falls. It’s one of the most fascinating and unusual stories in
American history.

Check out this new video trailer for the Historical Association,
produced by volunteer board member, Claudia Carnes. Great job,
If you aren’t a member yet, maybe this will convince you!

Do you remember Lewiston’s slogan from the 1960s?
“Progressively proud. Historically endowed.”
Charles Foss (Jackie Sutherland’s dad) won the slogan contest!


The newly revised sixth edition of the Tuscarora Heroes book has
been published by the Historical Association of Lewiston and is now
available at the Lewiston Museum, DiCamillos Bakery in Lewiston, the
Orange Cat Coffee Co., the Book Corner in Niagara Falls, and the Lewiston Town and Village halls.
The book, first published in 2010, includes several changes
including a new cover photo of the monument by photographer Bill
Carpenter and additional information about the British attack on
Lewiston in December 1813. Updated information about the identity of
the “Western Indian” attackers is also provided.
“We sold out of our supply the night the Tuscarora Heroes Monument
was unveiled on December 19,” said Lewiston Museum director Pam Hauth. Lee Simonson wrote the book as a volunteer and all proceeds go the Lewiston Museum. Groups or organizations interested in having him speak on the topic are welcomed to contact the Lewiston Museum at 716-754-4214 for arrangements.
The Tuscarora Heroes was the largest War of 1812 Bicentennial
monument project in the United States.


New book about Lewiston, Queenston, Youngstown and Niagara-on-the-Lake
Available by calling the Lewiston Museum at 716-754-4214

Published to commemorate 200 years of peace between Canada and the
U.S., this new book contains local stories from nine different authors —
all trans-river neighbors who met monthly and communicated electronically
for over three years to share history, oral stories, anecdotes, maps, and
Although the book follows a timeline and takes up some history, it is
not just about the “facts.” It presents some of the social history of the
lower Niagara River region.
Net proceeds from the book sales will be shared by three historical
societies — the Historical Association of Lewiston, Town of Porter
Historical Society and the Niagara Historical Society and Museum in
Niagara-on-the-Lake. All of these museums assisted with the research and provided historic images.
This unique collaborative bi-national writing project was funded by a
grant from the Niagara County Host Standing Committee of the Niagara River Greenway Commission, spearheaded by Vice Chair of the Niagara County Legislature, Clyde Burmaster, and a donation from the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission.
The book sells for $19.95 in both Canada and the United States.
Americans can get the book by calling the Lewiston Museum at
716-754-4214, while Canadians can contact the Niagara Museum in


Lewiston sets new standard for hospitality within reenactor community Spectacular cannon/fireworks demonstration highlighted weekend

Rave reviews have been received from across America praising Lewiston and its volunteers for hosting what some reenactors are calling “the best event ever!” Virtually each of the 200 reenactors who visited the event said that they have never received the hospitality and accommodations that Lewiston offered — the most friendly and gracious town they’ve experienced!
The commemoration of the 200 Anniversary of the first major battle of
the War of 1812 took place on October 12-14, with venues in both Lewiston and Queenston.
Here is a compilation of some of the photos and videos you can find
online that have captured the event.

Bill Carpenter’s Photographs (more being posted)

Cannon Bombardment Video

Friday Education Day with Student Field Trippers

Cannon Fire Over the Gorge

A Flash in the Pan

Sun on the Canvas and Cakes in the Pan

Barton Hill Gala and Cannon Set Up

Battle Reenactment on the Canadian Side

Battle Reenactment on Canadian Side (near end of battle)

More Canadian Action and Speeches (in High Def)

U.S. Air Force Flyover of Lewiston (just before bombardment)



Lewiston is still basking in the Travel Channel glow… We were one
of the towns featured on the Travel Channel on July 25 for the Best of the Road rally. It’s nice to see Lewiston on the national map as one of the Top 6 towns in America for “Best for Food.”
But that’s not all! Mike’s Road Trip has just published the “Top 10
Towns to Visit” list and Lewiston is included as one of the friendliest
places in America. It was great to host Mike during his Rand
McNally/Travel Channel visit in June, and we look forward to seeing him again! Thanks, Mike!
Lewiston’s popularity continues to grow across the nation as its charm
and quality of life attracts more visitors and people who want to move

Thank you to all the reenactors, from both sides of the border,
and Wendt’s Propane for putting on a tremendous show.

Thousands turned out to this year’s Flames Through Lewiston event
to enjoy seeing all the action — British redcoats, American soldiers,
natives, and of course the music, the muskets, and the fires from
Wendt’s Propane! The weather cooperated and it was a great night
commemorating Lewiston’s history. This was a 100% volunteer effort
and we want to thank all the volunteer reenactors and organizers for a
tremendous and spectacular evening.
Here are the links to the videos and photographs that were taken that
night. We thank local professional photographer Bill Carpenter, and his crew, for the great shots. We also thank the video photographers and the press for the great coverage.

Professional pictures by DeCarr Photography:

Buffalo News article with picture:

Gazette front page article with photos:

Chris Budde Video

JAFERGarazzi Video

Lewiston Lions Club Video

Still Pictures from Sentinel (click on Flames Through Lewiston)

Sentinel Videos on YouTube
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Yes, it’s Historical Association membership time — a wonderful
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Membership Options:
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Either way, you’ll know you’re doing your part in preserving and
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