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  1. I have limited knowledge of what my faimly did while living in Lewiston. I have a copy of a letter written many years after one of the indian attacks. It was handed down verablly until a relative put it in writing around 1900. I am my families historian. It was handed doen to me by my great aunt Dorthy Cooke who visted the area around 1985. As I recall, there is a house, a barn and a law office. I retire this year and look forward to visting and connecting with the area.

    • Craig, I believe you are a son of Jack Cooke. He was my much older first cousin–I am the daughter of Sam R. Cooke, Jr. The others are, as you know, Charles, Dorothy, and Lyle.
      I’ve researched the family history and have visited Lewiston twice, the second time as a speaker at the 200th anniversary of the 1813 attack on Lewiston. If you have the book Tuscarora Heroes by Lee Simonson, the family account is way in the back.

  2. Craig, I’d very much like to “talk” with you–I have a great deal of information about the Cooke history. If you email Lee Simonson–he’s the newletter editor and his email is posted there–he has agreed to give my email to you. That way we’ll avoid a gazillion spam messages.
    Are you in Missouri? I am in Colorado. Jeanne Cooke Collins

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