Sheldon Townsend 2

Sheldon Townsend reminiscing about his childhood and the war wrote an article to the newspaper “Oswego Palladium” in 1877 at the age of 75 ,as follows, “Late in September (1813) we took passage for Niagara on board the schooner Genesee Packet, Capt. Obed Mayo, and about the 6th of October arrived thee, passing in the river the British ship of war Wolfe or Prince Regent, which had been of the fleet commanded by Sir James L. Yeo. We found the inhabitants on the frontier busily employed in replacing their buildings which had been burned by the British forces.” He also writes: “The shot fired which struck the warehouse of Thompson, Bronson & Co. (his father’s company)(referring to the Battle of Oswego) entered the eastend , cutting off the plate near the southeast corner. I recollect fishing up a cannonball near Hugunin’s Wharf b/w Cayuga and Seneca Sts. which bore the broad arrow upon it, showing whence it came” In addition to farming for 50 some years in Lewiston Rev. Sheldon C. Townsend was a Methodist minister at Dickersonville Methodist Church.

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